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St Neots

This page is home to all the things that our pupils contribute to life at Riverside Meadows - St Neots. Please click the links below to read more about each item:

School Houses
School Council
School Newspaper
School Clubs

School Houses

The House system has been reinvented this term (January, 2024). Students have been placed into four houses; the houses are vertical so that relationships and friendships can be developed and sustained across the school, creating a stronger sense of community.

Houses meet every Friday afternoon and a range of activities encourage team work and a sense of pride.

Each term culminates in-house activities and the enterprise events are organised through the house system. Houses form a large part of our approach to SMSC as a vehicle where we can work with our young people and encourage them to explore their values.  

Our houses are named after three people who have been important to Riverside Meadows - St Neots, and one inspirational national figure.

 Aldrich, representing the environment.

Anna Aldrich, Riverside Meadows - St Neots Alumni, was a fierce advocate of nature and the environment. She pushed us all into recycling, and she has left an impressive legacy as she goes on to change the world. We are delighted to honour their efforts in this way.

 Benjamin, representing Resilience.

Floella Benjamin came to Britain on the Windrush as a young girl and went on to carry the orb at the coronation of King Charles III. This is a story of strength and resilience, and we see her as an impressive role model.

Lechmere, representing Teamwork.

The Lechmere family (Jude, Jono, Ian and Ruth) have all contributed to the life of the school as Chair of Governors, Head Boy, TLM or inspirational human being. We are delighted to honour their input in this way.

Williamson, representing Friendship.

 Louise Williamson was a beloved member of staff who showed resilience and fortitude in her battle with cancer. She never gave up and her warmth and strength continues to be an inspiration in our day-to-day life here at Riverside Meadows - St Neots.

School Council

The student council has been re-started this term (January, 2024), with the enrolment of student councillors representing each year group and a Council Leader from year ten. We are proud to have a student voice, and recognise the importance of this in the comments from our council members:

"It's good for students to have a voice in the school. We appreciate having an opportunity to share our views with our Head Teacher."

The council has requested meetings prior to and post-holidays. The first meeting took place on Friday 5th January, 2024. Minutes are then shared with SLT who give written feedback prior to the next meeting. Following this, there will be a formal election process for Student Leaders.

Further to this, student voice has informed our work with charity, Dream Drops and the St Neots' & St Mary's Rotary Club, and the creation of therapeutic spaces in school. Dream Drops have expressed their admiration for the young people they have met with during their visits.

School Council SLT Response (February, 2024)
School Council SLT Response (January, 2024)

School Newspaper

We have a school newspaper, created by students, for students.

View and download Issue 2, March 2024 here.
View and download Issue 1, December 2023 here.

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School Clubs


Here at Riverside Meadows - St Neots, we offer clubs to the students during the second part of the lunch break. This provides added structure to social time which supports our young people to meet the outcomes of their EHCPs.

It gives learners the opportunity to discover and to follow their own interests and passions that could lead to a life-long interest or even career.

Club leaders share attendance figures, summaries of activities and reflections on the impact of the clubs each half-term, which in turn is shared with SLT.

Most Riverside Meadows - St Neots students are engaged in clubs, and reflect on them positively with a focus on success and pride through creative expression, sports regulation, taking turns, working together and following rules through playing games, or enhancing the curriculum through STEM exploration.

In 2023-24, our clubs have been:

School Newspaper
Board Games (including Chess)