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Our students are at the heart of everything we do. Although we follow the National Curriculum, we are adaptive in our approach, believing that everyone is entitled to a rich and rewarding education irrespective of any diagnosis or any barrier.

Developing our young people so that they can take an active place in society is paramount and we see each student as an individual with their own interests, passions and dreams.

We welcome everyone and plan events and activities to allow our students to develop their social as well as their educational needs. Our approach is holistic and we see the whole person. Each young person identifies their safe adults and their safe people. We listen to them and modify our approaches to meet their SEND needs. 

We have a wide and varied therapeutic approach, and this extends beyond the school to include equine therapy and swimming therapy.  Within school we use various talking approaches, including art and lego therapy and movement therapies, including sensory circuits and movement breaks. We also look at our environment, and this includes low arousal work spaces, quiet working areas, lavender diffusers and multiple sensory areas.

Every Friday afternoon, we celebrate our students' successes with certificates based on our values. There is a certificate each for: Commitment, Kindness, Nurturing, Uniform, Self-Reflection, Resilience, Creativity and Academic achievement.

Our students go beyond expectations – they are more than the labels they carry, and we are here to support them in their endeavours. We also have an active student council at each school site that shares student voices and has some wonderful ideas as to how we can improve our school. We have head learners and student advocates who ensure that we are listening. 

Here’s what our pupils have to say about life at Riverside Meadows Academy: 

“I would rather be here than at any other school.”  

“The school has allowed me to redesign the library, which is important to me, and it’s my favourite place to be in the school.” 

“The staff are amazing.” 

“We always have someone to listen to and I think that the staff here understand me.. I know that I will be looked after when I’m here” 

“The garden is my safe space”.