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Ofsted & School Performance


A brief history of Riverside Meadows Academy (taken directly from the 2023 Ofsted Report):

A financial warning notice was issued to TBAP Trust in January 2018, followed by a written notice to improve in August 2018. TBAP subsequently relinquished control of its schools. It stepped down as sponsor of this school on 3 May 2021. 

Horizons Education Trust took over sponsorship of the school on 4 May 2021. The school’s name was changed to Riverside Meadows Academy. The previous head of school left the school in August 2022 and an interim headteacher led the school during the summer term.

One of the current headteachers joined the school in September 2022 and the other in January 2023.  The two current headteachers are both full time. One is based on the St Neots site and the other on the Wisbech site. They operate as co-headteachers, sharing the responsibilities of the role.  A very high proportion of teaching and support staff left the school at the end of the previous academic year. A new teaching team took up their posts in September 2022.

March 2023: Please find the latest Ofsted Report for Riverside Meadows Academy here, or download the pdf version below.

When the previous inspection took place, the school was part of the TBAP Multi Academy Trust and was known as TBAP Unity Academy.

June 2019: TBAP Unity Academy previous Ofsted report.  Please click here to view the report, or download the pdf version below.


School Performance

The Government updates and publishes school performance information on an annual basis. To check and compare how Riverside Academy is performing, please click here.