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A Thoughtful Remembrance Day 2023 at Riverside Meadows, St Neots

The whole school has been busy for the last two weeks getting ready for this important day. While they have been creating some very moving pieces of artwork and colouring poppies for our installation in the reception area, they have been learning about why we wear poppies and why black, white and purple poppies have been worn. Our staff have been inspired by the learners and their responses and understanding, as they have shown empathy and a great deal of respect. 

On Friday 10th November, we had an assembly led by our Head Teacher, Andrew Armstrong, where he shared details about his own family members’ contributions in World War II as well as some thoughtful ideas and poetry.

The learners’ behaviour was exemplary, and we all learned something new about remembrance and how it is such an important part of our national identity; commemorating sacrifice across the world in all conflicts and representing all peoples. These are important ideas in difficult times. 

Riverside Meadows Academy was proud to hold two minutes' silence in the company of this remarkable group of young people and our staff team.  

We will remember them.