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A Day With Butterflies

We spent the day at the Zoology museum at Cambridge University where we were greeted by a current researcher studying butterflies. We were educated on the population of butterflies, their decline and the methods being used to help the populations increase.

Our students had the opportunity to work out solutions to help shade the animals during the increasingly hot summer months.

We learnt that when caterpillars turn into cocoons, the whole body turns to a DNA liquid inside and totally rebuilds itself into a Butterfly - Fascinating!


We followed this up with a tour around the museum where we saw collections of fossils and amazing displays.

The students enjoyed looking at all the preserved specimens and learning about the different types of animals both past and present.

Towards the end of the day we walked back through the market square where our students were able to browse the stalls and ask questions about produce.

Then from fact to fiction... We found ourselves passing a Harry Potter shop where the staff encouraged us to try flying a broom or two. This was a great end to the day and a magical adventure as enjoyed by all.