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News at St Neots

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  • 24/11/23

    Children in Need 2023 at Riverside Meadows - St Neots

    We had a fun-filled afternoon on Friday 17th November at Riverside Meadows - St Neots. Staff and students raised a brilliant £131.66 by wearing non-uniform, baking cakes, guessing puppies’ names, wall sitting, creating a penny trail, water toilet roll game playing…phew...
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  • 13/11/23

    A Thoughtful Remembrance Day 2023 at Riverside Meadows, St Neots

    The whole school has been busy for the last two weeks getting ready for this important day. While they have been creating some very moving pieces of artwork and colouring poppies for our installation in the reception area, they have been learning about why we wear poppies and why black, white and pu...
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  • 06/11/23

    A Spooktacular Halloween at Riverside Meadows - St Neots

    We express our gratitude to Riverside Meadows - St Neots teachers and staff for organising a Halloween event that proved to be engaging and enjoyable for the students. The commitment to the theme was evident throughout the day, creating a festive atmosphere within the school.  
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  • 20/10/23

    Riverside Meadows - St Neots; Half Term Update, October 2023

    As we come to the end of the half term, we reflect on how far Riverside Meadows has come over the last year. 
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  • 20/10/23

    Charlie's Garden: A Sunny Autumn Display of Fresh Produce

    It’s a busy time of year in "Charlie’s Garden". 
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  • 10/10/23

    World Mental Health Day 2023

    Today at Riverside Meadows - St Neots we will be focusing on World Mental Health Day. It is a day to talk about mental health and to show everyone that mental health matters.  
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  • 03/10/23

    School Bake-Off Competition Raises Funds for Macmillan 2023

    In a heart-warming display of culinary creativity, Riverside Meadows - St Neots recently organised a Bake-Off competition that filled the hall and corridors with the lovely scent of freshly baked treats. The purpose was not just to showcase the baking talent within...
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  • 15/09/23

    Project Insulation at St Neots

    Students at Riverside Meadows - St Neots made a model house out of cardboard to then show where insulation could be added to stop heat from escaping from their builds. An increasingly relevant topic in the world today, as we look to help our houses retain heat in Winter then strive to co...
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  • 13/09/23

    Cambridgeshire Beat Team Work With Riverside Meadows - St Neots to Educate, Discuss and Support

    Riverside Meadows - St Neots once again looks forward to working with PCSO Dan Grant and his Cambridgeshire Beat Team as they come into school and work with our young people on a wide range of topics, demonstrating that the police are a supportive team with the best interests of young people at hear...
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  • 27/06/23

    Speech Day

    Speech Day is a time to celebrate and reflect with our pupils on their achievements. As the Academic year draws to a close we find ourselves looking back as much as forwards. Assistant Head, Claire Heseltine took the time to write a heartfelt poem to mark the occasion, which we wish to share with...
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  • 26/06/23

    Stratford-Upon-Avon 2023

    Our Riverside Meadows Academy St Neots, students enjoyed a school trip to Stratford-upon-Avon with huge success. Our learners embraced the whole day, showing outstanding behaviour and listening skills engaging with the sensory stimuli that was present throughout the trip. The...
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  • 22/05/23

    Mountfitchet Castle

    Riverside Meadows Academy's Key Stage 3 students had the opportunity to attend an educational day trip to Mountfichet Castle. They experienced a taste what it would be like to live in a Mott and Bailey Castle back in the Norman times - the 11th and 12th centuries in Britain. This...
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